A mom (Argentina) captures a strange creature while filming her son. She believes it to be a Duende, which is a fairy or goblin-like creature from Latin American or Filipino folklore.


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and just like that

everything is terrible again


Are we that surprised?


I mean I’m a little surprised at how fast it happened


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Hey guys. frickgerard and I are doing a giveaway of really cool band merch that we wanna giveaway because of the wrong size, we don’t need the item, we don’t like the band, ect. To enter, just reblog this post (likes don’t count) and follow the both of us. Reblog as much as you want, one reblog is one entry. Here is all the items and sizes: (In order according to picture)

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(Photos will be posted soon, its at my moms house sorry!)

There are a 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners.


  • RARE “Bullets” CD by My Chemical Romance + CD of their choice
  • 11 Tee Shirts of their choice
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  • SIGNED blessthefall poster
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Contest ends November 1st and winners will be drawn at random. Shipping is included.

If you have any questions are ask box is open. GOOD LUCK.

**And we do worldwide shipping** UPDATE: My blessthefall poster was thrownout (ugh) so I decided to giveaway my yellowcard signed poster even tho its from warped tour this year and its kinda recent OR I have a signed kellin quinn picture the little dinky ones you get from Anthem Made. Message me saying what you want the most, ill post pictures once its decided.

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"I know she’ll be in good hands."



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Keep the flame going for those we have lost to suicide. 

why has this not got any notes 

a middle school girl commited suicide here a few days ago..she was 14..

my followers know who this is for.

two of my close friends attempted multiple times

i attempted around this time last year. keep this going.

Today, personally, this is for Robin Williams.

But for today, and every day, it is for anybody who has ever lost anybody to suicide and anybody who has been lost themselves.

I know it probably doesn’t help, but I am so, so sorry.


Reblogging this twice and this should have way more notes

Rip Vinny. I still love and miss you and the world just hasn’t been the same without you around 💞 I miss my best friend.

I miss you Alex. The world isn’t the same without you. I hope Taylor makes it through this year too. I can’t lose her.

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I tortured souls just to try it

I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it

why is our fandom like this

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— why Bucky Barnes is so precious to me

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first and last lines

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look at the winter soldier’s little gloves though this guy is scraping his bitching metal arm all over the pavement those gloves dont even have fingers they arent protecting shit it’s a 100% aesthetic choice scientists are like “but what if we made him like 20% more badass” “good showing charles, lets give him punk rock hair while we’re at it” 


#god bless every decision the costume department made

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Jesus, look at how young Steve is (as a longtime comics fan, this is what always gets me about the MCU, every fucking time). All throughout the Avengers, Whedon had him spout old man shit and had people call him “old man” and I was like “??? Every other human male in this movie—Clint, Tony, Bruce, Coulson, Fury—is approaching middle age and/or right smack in it, but no one thinks treating the only baby-faced dude in this film as the GRANDPA is weird??”

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Pre-SDCC commission: the Winter Soldier

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